Dingo Digger Loader Hire With Expert Operator

We offer Dingo Digger hire with a licenced operator to help you complete a variety of jobs regardless of the size.

Our Dingo Digger Loader is a powerful and adaptable machine that can access small worksites to complete virtually any job. We have Dingo Diggers ranging in size from 760mm wide to 1200mm that can fit basically anywhere, through gates, doorways, residential and commercial sites and many more spaces. Its versatility makes it an impressive machine, perfect for a variety of projects and sites.

A Dingo Hire with Operator has a wide selection of attachments and features that make it capable of completing a wide range of jobs from post hole drilling to paving and concrete preparation. With its post drilling attachment, the Dingo Digger Loader can post holes perfectly every time. The Dingo Digger Loader also has a chain digger attachment that allows the machine to dig precision trenches.

Dingo Digger working on trenching project

All Dingo Digger Hires Come With An Expert Operator

Our Dingo Digger Loader is perfect for any site levelling, soil removal or rubbish removal job. It’s wide bucket and tracks make is great for levelling all different types of surfaces. It’s also capable of removing soil, rocks, dirt and any other material you can think of from your site, so you can move forward with your project. At Dial A Digger, we also handle rubbish removal so once our Dingo Digger Loader clears the rubbish, we’ll dispose of it properly for you.

Finally, our Dingo Digger Loader is an expert at preparation. We can prep your space for turf with our Dingo Digger Loader. We can also complete concrete and paving preparation with this magnificent machine.

Whatever you require, the Dingo Digger Loader has your project covered. Get in contact with Dial A Digger today to discuss hiring this versatile machine for your next tight work site with our qualified operator behind the wheel.

Tracked Dingo loader hired for trenching work Operator using Dingo Loader to excavate ground

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Why You Should Choose Dial A Digger For Your Dingo Loader work

With Dial A Digger, you get the benefit of having the Dingo Digger Loader working on your site and one of our experienced operators using the machine to its fullest potential. We have the skills and knowledge to finish your project on time and on budget. We also have the contacts to be able to source all material for every project. We’re here to help in any way we can, so give us call today.

We service all of Adelaide, Melbourne and in-between areas such as St Agnes, Glengowrie, Campbelltown, Munno Para, Norwood, Werribee, Dandenong, Seaford, Brighton and Tea Tree Gully. So, your project can be completed by reliable professionals near you. Get big jobs done with the Dingo Digger Loader, get in touch with Dial A Digger today for a free quote.

Dingo Loader available for wet hire with expert operator