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Trenching for Services

The easiest way to dig a trench! We’re experts in trench digging services for electrical conduit, plumbing, draining, sewage, underground services & more. For a fast & free quote and expert trenching advice, call Dial A Digger!

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Dial A Digger - Trench Dug for Customer
Dial A Digger - Trench Digging Experts

Get an Expert Trench Digger On Your Job

Do you need to dig a trench? Save yourself the time and hassle of digging it by hand and hire one of our trench diggers available with an expert operator. We’ll finish the job fast, and our affordable rates won’t break the bank either.

Dial A Digger has a range of trench digging equipment suitable for any commercial or residential job, including:

  • Drainage sewage and plumbing trenches
  • Electrical cable trench
  • Installing underground communication cables
  • Trench digging for underground services
  • Foundation Trenching for concrete footings

With Over 40 Years Experience,We Know How to Get the Job Done!

Quality, Friendly Service

We always strive for excellence and to make sure we leave jobs with clients completely satisfied. After 40 years, we know how to do this!

Great Value Pricing, Guaranteed

We make sure we earn every dollar we charge for! You can get a free quote easily online and our quotes always represent the best value in getting your job done on time and as expected.

Only the Best Equiptment

We use top-of-the-range equipment and we make sure we have the right equipment to get the job done. Quality jobs start with quality equipment and we have invested in our machinery to ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers.

Our Experience Will Save You Time + Money

Experienced and Reliable Trench Diggers

Excavation work can be tricky even in ideal conditions. Regardless of what kind of trench digging you need done, you’ll benefit from using one of Dial A Digger’s experts in trench digging. Get your cabling and plumbing installed in no time! Just some of the advantages of our trencher hire with operator include:

  • Trained & experienced operators
  • Fully insured and compliant to safety standards
  • We’re able to follow “Dial-Before-You-Dig” service plans
  • High quality trenching at affordable rates
  • Top of the line trench digging machinery including Chain Trench Diggers and Mini Excavators With Trencher Attachment
Dial A Digger - Excavator next to Trench
Dial A Digger - Excavator Digs Trench at School
Dial A Digger - Trench Digging Experts

Trench Backfilling and Compaction Options

Dial A Digger will ensure the job is done right, on time, and on budget. Ask about our trench backfilling services to ensure your trenches are filled and compacted correctly. We offer a range of trenching machine hire and services for backfilling, including:

  • Service and utility Trench Compacting
  • Electrical and plumbing trench Compacting
  • Backfilling pipe trenches


Even with restricted access, Dial A Digger has you covered with a range of trenching equipment and experienced diggers who are proficient in tight access trench excavation. If you’re worried about your site requiring specialised equipment, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. Dial A Digger offers trenching services in Melbourne and Adelaide, as well as surrounding suburbs.