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Turf & Lawn Removal

Dial A Digger has a range of machinery to quickly remove old lawns in preparation of laying new turf. We can prepare yards of any size, from small backyards to large commercial gardens.

We can also assist with trenching for irrigation systems and drainage to ensure your lawn stays beautiful throughout the year.

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Dial A Digger - Excavator Removes Old Lawn
Dial A Digger - Experts in Turf Preparation

Lawn, Soil Removal, Turf Installation and More

Call us if you need any of the following:

  • Lawn Removal
  • Turf Installation
  • Paving Preparation
  • Preparation of Irrigation
  • Systems For Lawn & Gardens
  • Drainage Excavation

With Over 40 Years Experience,We Know How to Get the Job Done!

Quality, Friendly Service

We always strive for excellence and to make sure we leave jobs with clients completely satisfied. After 40 years, we know how to do this!

Great Value Pricing, Guaranteed

We make sure we earn every dollar we charge for! You can get a free quote easily online and our quotes always represent the best value in getting your job done on time and as expected.

Only the Best Equiptment

We use top-of-the-range equipment and we make sure we have the right equipment to get the job done. Quality jobs start with quality equipment and we have invested in our machinery to ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers.