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Wet Hire vs Dry Hire

The Advantage of Equipment with Operator

When and why you should consider our equipment hire with experienced operator for your next job.

Dial A Digger - Excavator Digging a Hole
Benefits of Hiring with an Operator

What is the Difference Between Wet Hire & Dry Hire?

Wet hire is when the machinery you hire comes with an operator, while dry hire is only renting the machine or equipment and having to operate it yourself.

What are the advantages of Wet Hire?
While dry hire (or as we call it, self-drive hire) can be great for smaller, more basic projects, it’s generally far more far more efficient and cost effective in the long run to hire your machinery with an experienced operator. Some of the benefits you’ll get from wet hire include:-

  • Experienced Operator Who Generally Works Much Quicker
  • Higher quality of work
  • Well maintained machinery operated correctly
  • Fully licensed and regulated drivers
  • Insured drivers give you peace of mind
  • Increased Safety & Compliance
  • No hidden fees – Manpower, Delivery and Machine Return included in the cost

Frequently Asked Questions

While on paper the cost of equipment hire only may appear cheaper, there are a lot of factors people often don’t consider. We’ve been doing excavation work for over 40 years, and know all of the hidden costs people often overlook. We save you the pain and heartache of doing the job incorrectly, and because we’re experienced in a wide range of excavation and earthmoving services we’ll get the job done much quicker. No fiddling around figuring out how to use the equipment.

If you want to work with us on your next project, or have us come out and do some work for you (including Site Levelling, Trench Digging, and Soil Removal), get in touch with us using our online form at the bottom of this page or call us on 1300 234 443 for a free quote and to discuss our rates.

Absolutely, yes! We employee a range of contractors who are able to work and collaborate with you on your next project. We can also offer expert advice on projects, and schedule our services around your other contractors and employees.